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Do I need a lawyer?

What fees will my lawyer charge and how will my lawyer be paid?

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  1. Craig Bradley // November 7, 2017 at 1:56 pm // Reply

    Yes my name is Craig Bradley and the question I have is, I’ve had my Hearing and was denied. I no long what my previous Representer to represent me any more and what to file an appeal. I’m working on writing a certified letter to them to release my case file.Would I have to start a new cade all over again.
    Sincerely Your
    Craig Bradley

    • If you have a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge and are denied, you have the right to appeal the case to the Appeals Council. However, the Appeals Council does not make a new decision on the merits of the case, but only determines whether the judge made an error. It’s a good idea to have a lawyer review your case and help you decide whether to file an appeal. The other option is to start over with a new application, if you have a new impairment or the severity of your impairments increased. Your previous attorney should provide you with your case file.

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