What fees will my lawyer charge and how will my lawyer be paid?

Attorney Brendan Conley

Attorney Brendan Conley

When you hire the Law Office of Brendan Conley to represent you for your Social Security disability claim, we do not collect a fee unless we are successful in obtaining benefits for you.

If we are obtain a favorable decision for you, then we are usually paid 25 percent of your retroactive and back payments, up to a maximum of $7,200. We are usually paid this fee directly by the Social Security Administration. This 25 percent fee is only taken out of your retroactive or back payments, up to the date that benefits are awarded. Going forward from that date, 100 percent of your benefits payments are yours.

In addition, we are entitled to reimbursement for any costs we paid for up front, such as the costs of obtaining medical evaluations. If there are such costs, a detailed, itemized list will be provided to you.

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