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Contracts RemediesThis chart goes into detail about whether certain remedies are available, and how they are calculated, between different contracting parties in a few common situations, including sale of goods (buyer and seller), sale of land (buyer and seller), construction (owner and builder), and employment (employer and employee). Blanks in the diagram do not necessarily mean that that remedy is not available in that situation, just that I did not have a special rule to add.

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Understanding Contracts
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I highly recommend Understanding Contracts by Jeffrey T. Ferriell. Like the other books in the Understanding series, this volume provides a clear and concise explanation of the law. I referred to it regularly in studying for the bar exam and in creating these diagrams, and as usual, I learned much more from the Understanding book than I did from my casebook.

Seriously, if Contracts is not crystal clear to you, and you have not read this book, click on the image to take advantage of Amazon’s Look Inside feature and start reading.

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  1. I would have loved to have this in a pdf. Too difficult to read if you copy it and expand. Thanks for these great last minute review tools!

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