Understanding Contracts
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Here are the links to my Contracts diagrams:

Contracts Big Picture
Contracts: Just the Rules

I highly recommend Understanding Contracts by Jeffrey T. Ferriell. Like the other books in the Understanding series, this volume provides a clear and concise explanation of the law. I referred to it regularly in studying for the bar exam and in creating these diagrams, and as usual, I learned much more from the Understanding book than I did from my casebook.

If Contracts is not crystal clear to you, and you have not read this book, click on the image to take advantage of Amazon’s Look Inside feature and start reading.

I also recently came across a very detailed Contracts flowchart by Jeremy Modjeska that may be helpful to you. Click the image below to visit his site and view the chart.

contracts modjeska


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  1. Hi, I came across your blog when looking for outlines and summaries. I wanted to thank you for sharing these, tell you that I am grateful.

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