Brendan ConleyThe Law Office of Brendan Conley can help you pursue the Social Security disability benefits you deserve.  Attorney Brendan Conley has the knowledge and skill necessary to deliver excellent representation in your case.  Unlike at a large firm, you will receive individual attention and your case will be handled by an attorney personally every step of the way. We will act promptly to pursue your benefits for you as quickly as possible.

Brendan Conley has spent his career working for individual rights and the common good. He has been an attorney since 2007, and has practiced law in California, Florida, and Colorado. In addition to representing Social Security disability claimants, Brendan has worked for tenants’ rights and assisted people forming nonprofit organizations. In Colorado and Florida, Brendan practices Social Security disability law exclusively. At the Law Office of Brendan Conley, you will receive personal attention from an attorney who cares about you and your rights.

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